Friday, February 1, 2019

Coming Soon: The Scholars & Shots Podcast!

Have you ever watched comedians get drunk and talk about history, and thought, "...if only there was a show like this using REAL experts!"

Well, wonder no more, because the "Scholars & Shots" Podcast is now in production! This podcast will feature an interactive drinking game that allows you to go shot-for-shot with some of the most fascinating scholars in the sciences, arts, and humanities!

You'll learn all kinds of crazy things when they talk about their background, research interests, pet-peeves, and whatever random drunk topics come to mind.

Are you a scholar with a penchant for booze? Then consider filling out the application to be on the show!

Tentatively scheduled to premier next Academic Year (Fall of 2019). Sign up for reminders now, you don't want to miss your spot in next semester's drunken class!