Friday, March 1, 2019

Where it All Began: The Process of Building a Podcast for Drunk Academics

Friday night, January 11, at around 11:19 p.m., I drunk-tweeted this:
"I want to do a podcast that's like "Drunk History", but it's just me getting drunk and interviewing scholars who are also getting drunk. That is all."  
Within moments, my twitter feed blew up. There were tons of likes, RTs, and responses from people who desperately wanted this to be a thing, and/or desperately wanted to be involved. So, because I'd had a couple glasses of wine, Drunk Me decided to do this thing:

In just five days, these tweets have been seen by over 200,000 people. I got dozens of DMs from people who were interested in getting involved. It's been a tad overwhelming, but it's pretty clear that there is a podcast need that MUST be fulfilled.

In spite of the fact that I'm woefully unfunny, am not particularly clever, and suck at small-talk, I thought, WHY NOT? What I lack in snappy comebacks, I hope I can make up for with my genuine over-excitement over all stuff nerdy, my (distant) background as a radio DJ...oh, and my exceptional tolerance for alcohol!

Monday morning, I picked a name, set up a blog, got a new twitter feed, created an "Application Form", and even wrote a Podcast Release for my future guests to sign. I tweeted out the information, set a tentative release date for Fall Semester, then went to class and lectured for a few hours.

I didn't expect things to get popular so quickly, and I really didn't expect to see such brilliant academic rock stars offer to be on my show! I've got 11 SPECTACULAR applicants, and I still don't know what I'm doing yet! Case in point: I accidentally tried to steal another podcast's name, resulting in my brand new podcast twitter account getting blocked. Whoops!

So, for now, I'm going to go with the working title of "Scholars & Scotch"; although I would like a less booze-specific title in the future. And because I'm not good at anything but being open and transparent, I figured that I would blog the process of building a podcast, as experienced by someone who doesn't know what they're doing (i.e., ME).

Stay tuned, folks. I'll let you know all the things I'm doing, all the things I'm screwing up, and when I'm hoping to make stuff happen. Feel free to give suggestions...Clearly, I need the help!

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